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Community Service

Community Service, when approved by the Judge, can be performed in lieu of payment.  Approval for community service must be requested prior to performing the service.  Community service must be performed at non-profit organizations. Community service is authorized to be completed by a specified date. 
If you have chosen to complete community service in lieu of paying the fines and fees these are the steps in order to start and complete the process. Just know this will result in a conviction on your record.
  1. You have to ask for community service either in writing or verbally to Judge Barbara Stafford or the City Attorney, Patrice Carrington.
  1. Credits at $100.00 for every 8 hours completed. You will be told how many hours you need to complete in order to satisfy the citation(s). Depending on the location you choose to work at, you may work less than 8 hours a day, however this will prolong the time it takes complete your requirement.
  1. The location that you choose to complete your hours at has to be at an approved non-profit location. We will give you a list of approved local locations. If you would like to use another location, we will give you a form to take with you that explains what you need to bring to us to get that location approved.
  1. After you have an approved location, we will give you forms to take with you to be initialed by a supervisor at the location each day and then totaled up and signed to be turned back in to court.
  1. Once you have completed all your required hours then we will process your citation as complete.
If you do not complete your required hours in the allotted time then you could get a show cause hearing/ warrant issued to you. Always contact us if there are any issues that may require you to need more and Judge Stafford will let you know what you need to do.
Please initial number 7 on plea form, fill out, and return.
For general ticket and court information please call: (979) 826-8838
***Court is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings at 10:00am***
***Juvenile Court every second Tuesday at 9:00am***

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